Terminologies to Know Before Playing Baccarat

It is extremely important to understand the game perfectly in order to win it. The basic rules of the game are preliminary for the gambler to know. Simply knowing the rules are not enough, knowing the terminology or language of baccarat is also vital.

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The terms for this game come from French language. Some of these terms are:

  • Baccarat Strategy- It is a method focusing on you getting the best result and reducing the probability of losses. Such as, setting limits on amount of bets or avoiding particular kind of bets.
  • Baccarat System- This method tries to beat the club by making alteration on house edge. It can mean guessing patterns or counting cards. Most popular system is 1-3-2-6.
  • Banco- It means banker or bank. This game can have three outcome banker’s win, player’s win or tie.
  • Broadway- Where the discarded cards are kept on the table is called Broadway.
  • Bankroll- Sum of money the player is planning to bet.
  • Shoe- A device which is made of plastic or wood, which can hold maximum eight deck of cards.
  • Vigorish- Percentage of commission taken by gambling houses from their player
  • House Edge- The profit made by gambling house on each game.
  • Ladderman- An employee who watches this game from a raised platform and solves any disputes.
  • Face cards- Face cards have faces, like king, queen and joker.
  • Natural- The total of first two cards will equal to eight or nine.

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